MCD to switch from paper files to iPads during meetings

The BJP-ruled Municipal Corporations of Delhi have decided to take the ‘digital’ route at its standing committee meetings. Making a shift from paper files to iPads, the south civic body members will sift through their meeting agendas on tablets.

In a first, the move is aimed at switching to a ‘paperless’ mode of working. Leader of the House Subhash Arya, who was the first one to be given an iPad on Friday, happily read out some of the points to be approved from the tablet.

“While the corporation had earlier passed a resolution in this regard, the initiative has just been launched. The idea is to modernise modes of working, and save paper to cut down on costs,” said Shailendra Singh, Standing Committee Chairman, South Corporation.

“This is just the first step before we adopt a paperless system,” he added.

The tablets will be given to all committee members, including the Chairman, and other officers of the committee, as well as heads of all departments.

“We will save Rs 1.5 crore annually, which is spent on printing the agenda and the cost of paper. This will help store information digitally, which will be a major shift from traditional paper work,” said South Corporation Commissioner PK Goel.

The iPads will come fitted with a 32 GB memory card.

The civic body aims to save Rs 4.05 crore over a period of three years by doing away with paper.

“We expect to procure around 15-20 devices at an estimated cost of Rs 28 lakh. By next week, committee members will be given tablets,” said a senior official.

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