Mum of teen shot dead in Merc had never heard of ‘killer’ friend

Simran, 17, who was allegedly shot dead by a friend, Shubham, in a parked Mercedes car in Najafgarh on Tuesday night, had left home after informing her mother that she was going to attend another friend Nitin’s birthday party. The mother said that when she called her around 7.30pm, Simran made her talk to Shubham, saying it was Nitin. Sensing something amiss, she called up Nitin, who informed her that the girl was not with him.

The girl’s mother further said that she knew Nitin but had never met or heard of Shubham.

The call data records (CDR) of Simran and Nitin revealed that 25 calls were exchanged between the two in a span of 15 minutes. He even reached outside her home in an attempt to locate her after getting her mother’s call. At the same time, Shubham and Simran, along with another friend Yogesh, also reached the spot.

Sources said that Shubham was furious to see Nitin there and assumed that Simran had called him. He then shot her in a fit of rage and disappeared from the scene. Shubham’s family also went absconding after the incident.

Meanwhile, the police have also rounded up five of Shubham’s friends to find out if he contacted any of them. Another team raided his ancestral home in Bahadurgarh, residences of his relatives in Baba Haridas Nagar, and places in Najafgarh that he frequented. A police team will also be visiting Sonepat, where some of his relatives live.

Senior police officers further said they have gathered major clues in the case and the accused will be nabbed soon. Two police teams have been formed to find him.

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