Schools told to video record draw of lots for nursery admission

In an effort to ensure transparency in the upcoming Delhi nursery admission process, the Directorate of Education (DoE) has instructed all private schools operating under it to video record the entire process of draw of lots for selection of general category students, and maintain the clips for at least three months after the admission process ends.

“Last year, we received a lot of complaints regarding schools being unfair in the lottery process. So, this year, we have asked the authorities to video record the entire process of draw of lots,” said Saumya Gupta, Education Director, DoE.

In addition, the schools have been asked to inform parents beforehand to ensure their presence at the time of the draw. “Parents should be present at the time of the draw of lots to ensure that everybody’s name is there on the slips,” Gupta added.

“Last year, when I was seeking admission for my daughter, we were fooled by a renowned public school in the name of the lottery. Neither did they allow parents to pick the chits nor did they make sure that everybody’s name was there on the slips. Eventually, I could not enroll my daughter in that school,” said Meena Bakshi, a resident of east Delhi’s Mayur Vihar area.

The experts, however, said the DoE should have mentioned all this in their guidelines issued recently. “DoE should have issued a circular regarding the videography and the presence of parents at the time of draw of lots as some schools can easily escape claiming that they were not aware of the new rule,” said Sumit Vohra of

Vohra did admit that the move might bring in transparency in the process. “We have received many complaints in the past, that some schools conduct the process in the absence of parents or inform candidates by email or SMS,” he said.

The nursery admissions for the upcoming session will begin from January 2, 2017.

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