January 19, 2019

Haridwar Boy making his way to promote Online Learning in India for GATE / IES Exams

UTTARAKHAND : Chandresh Mahajan knows how to convert your greatest weakness your greatest strength. He was a small town guy from Haridwar from a lower middle class family. Studied in a Hindi medium school upto 7th. Poor education facilities and lack of resources made him prepare on his own for competitive exams.

He Got into KIIT Bhubaneswar for studying Mechanical Engg. B. Tech was turning point in his life since college provided internet access 24*7. Being college topper right from 1st semester also boosted his confidence. He started getting monthly scholarship from college. Since most of his expenses were dependent on college scholarship so he was bound to study technical subjects of semester in order to be the topper and ensure scholarship. This made him inclined towards GATE.

Not being able to afford coaching, he started studying from books in college library, YouTube and Google Books. After cracking GATE 2014 in first attempt with an AIR-37 in 2014, he joined Indian Oil Corporation Limited.

Since online learning was always a fascination for him, he made his first attempt in this direction with a self made website [equinomix] . Many non commerce background students face problem in learning economics for competitive exams like CAT, IES and IAS. Equinomix.com was a learning platform for such beginners. Being in job, he could not take it where he wanted to take it.

His next attempt into education sector was made by applying to SBI Youth for India program where young graduates visit villages and live there for 13 months and teach students. Though he applied for it but before shortlist came, he was so stirred and realized that if he want to do something on his own, it was not possible with job. He resigned from Indian Oil in November 2015 without having anything in hand and a meager family earning. He still wonders what gave him so much strength to take this bold decision with no backup. Though he wanted to do something on his own but had no solid clue on how to start. Those were one of the hardest months of his life according to him, both financially and emotionally. However bad conditions became, his family always supported and believed him.

In few months, he started teaching GATE/IES aspirants in different coaching institutes and continued doing this for next few months and simultaneously contemplating and working on how to start his own venture. In 2 months, he successfully launched www.mechanical-academy.com, an online platform to teach GATE and IES aspirants. He has provided online learning to 300+ students in since July 2016. In addition, he provides free doubt solving to more than 25000 GATE and IES aspirants (as on date) in his Facebook group GATE & IES Prepration.

“I have a very different approach towards entrepreneurship. I can feel what it would be like to giving birth to a baby and watching it grow. According to me, entrepreneurship is a very emotional journey, full of every emotion and i finds himself lucky to have experienced this in my lifetime” – Says Mahajan

His venture, mechanical-academy, provides unique way to teaching using images, animations and texts, making the courses very affordable. He has plans to launch full video courses for GATE and IES soon this year and an Android app, making his reach to approx 1 lacs students by next year.

By (Avinash Singh) – The DIYguru Project


  1. Amazed at this journey of yours Yash. I belong to the same batch as yours in KIIT. Please keep up the good work. You’re an inspiration to one and many who want to be self employed & feel satisfied in what they’re aiming at to do.

  2. Many many congratulations to your success. It’s always important to look out side the box and it’s even more important not to look at the box at all .. you have achieved what you envisioned about. I great to see your dreams getting full filled .. loads of best wishes …

  3. We felt really very happy after seeing our senior growing fastly in the area of entrepreneurship.
    We wish you always good luck for your prosperous future.
    We always get inspired and motivate with your works bhaiya ?

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