Cops deny it but Hauz Khas resto-bar staff confirm ban on Ladies Night

Even though Delhi Police claimed they had just heightened security at Hauz Khas in order to take control of law and order and not put a ban on ‘Ladies Night’, a ground report carried out by DNA revealed that owners of various lounges and bars have been told to host a Ladies Night as women get too “drunk and can’t handle themselves.”

In order to check the reality, DNA went on the streets of Hauz Khas to speak with employees at pubs and spoke with about half a dozen clubs, such as ‘The Bunk House’, ‘Imperfecto’ and ‘My Bar’ to name a few. According to staff at these bars, Ladies Night is being banned because some women get drunk and police feel that in such a situation, the safety of these women could be compromised.

However, when contacted, Ishwar Singh, DCP (South) denied reports that police were thinking of banning Ladies Night. However, he stated that security had been be hiked up in this party hub due to terror threats towards foreigners.

Additionally, the police has spoken to excise department officials in order to make sure that alcohol is served only to persons above the age of 25.

The controversy over Ladies’ Night, in the pubs of Hauz Khas Village, has come under heavy criticism from Delhiites. The decision comes shortly after a woman documented an alleged rape and abduction case in Hauz Khas Village on her Twitter handle on July 6. Shortly after this incident, pressure to ban Ladies Night in the area emerged. The arguments being made against this ban rise from a concern over the root cause of rape culture – to blame the victim, rather than to punish the perpetrator.

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