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US state department asks Iran to release all Americans unjustly detained; tells citizens to heed travel warning

Washington: The US government on Sunday asked Iran to release all Americans unjustly detained in that country, after learning of a 10-year sentence imposed on a US citizen.

“The Iranian regime continues to hold US citizens and other foreigners captive on bogus charges related to national security,” Efe quoted a US State Department official as saying. The unnamed official also called for the “immediate liberation of all US citizens unjustly detained in Iran.”

“All US citizens, especially those of dual nationality, who are considering a trip to Iran, should read carefully our latest travel warning,” the source said.

Seal of the US Department of State. Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

As reported in various US media, a person of US nationality, whose identity has not been released, was sentenced Saturday to 10 years in prison in Iran for entering that country surreptitiously to “gather information.”

In October 2016, two US citizens, Siamak Namazi and his father, Baquer Namazi, who also have Iranian nationality, were sentenced to prison in Iran. Washington has been demanding their release ever since.

And because 10 years have gone by since the 2007 disappearance of former FBI agent Robert Levinson in that country, the US government also asked Iran to fulfil its commitment to help find him.

In January 2016, Tehran authorities freed The Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian and another three Iranian-American citizens in exchange for the US dropping charges against seven Iranians.

Published Date: Jul 17, 2017 08:24 am | Updated Date: Jul 17, 2017 08:24 am

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Adobe debuts Project Rush, its new all-in-one video editor

Adobe today announced the launch of Project Rush, a new video editor that takes the core features of its pro tools like Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition and combines them into a single, more accessible tool. Don’t get too excited yet, though, the new tool will only be available later this year (and my guess would be a launch at the company’s Max conference in October).

The target audience for Rush is the average YouTube creator who is looking to get professional-looking results — and do so fast because the expectation on the platform is for regularly pushing out new content. Rush wants to become the all-in-one video editing app for creating and sharing online content and to do so, the team decided that it had to ensure that Rush was available on any device, no matter whether it’s a high-powered desktop or an iPhone. All projects are automatically synced to the cloud, so you can work from anywhere.

In building Rush, Adobe decided to leverage the technology it had already developed for its professional tools. That means when you tweak a video clip’s color, for example, you are using the same underlying algorithms as a video editor who works in Premiere, for example. Rush will also support Motion Graphics templates for building title sequences and graphs in videos and it’ll use the company’s AI tools for improving the audio of video clips. There is also an integration with Adobe Stock, in case you need a bit of stock footage to spice up your video.

Based on the demo I saw, this all looks pretty intuitive and quite a bit more like iMovie than Premiere.

Once you’ve created your video, the next step is obviously publishing it and in the spirit of helping creatives work faster, Rush features built-in publishing support for all fo the major sharing platform, be that YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat.

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AAP MLAs seeking appointment with LG 'ousted' by police: Somnath Bharti

AAP MLAs Somnath Bharti, S K Bagga were forced out of Anil Baijal’s house after they refused to leave following a meeting.

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AAP MLAs forced out of L-G's house

AAP MLAs Somnath Bharti, S K Bagga were forced out of Anil Baijal’s house after they refused to leave following a meeting.

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