Cops nab ‘Robin Hood’ burglar with a heart of gold

He might be a burglar and in the wrong books of the Delhi Police but for the people of his village in Bihar, he is a hero. Why? Because the accused not only shared a part of his looted booty with the villagers but also organised health check-ups for them with the money. Not just this, he even provided money for children who desired to study.

“The accused has been identified as Irfan alias Ujala alias Aryan, Sitamarhi, Bihar. Twelve cases of burglary and house theft in different areas of South East District and neighbouring areas have been attributed to him. Gold and diamond jewellery along with a luxury watch worth Rs 25 lakhs have been recovered from his possession,” said Romil Baaniya, Deputy Commissioner of Police, South East.

Baaniya added that the receiver of the stolen property was identified as Dharmender who hails from the same village as the accused.

According to investigators the nabbed accused took to stealing as he wanted to live a luxurious life but he also wanted to help people in his village and thus started sharing his loot with them. He arranged for the wedding of around eight persons in the village, sponsored the education of three girls and arranged for health check-ups for senior citizens and blind people.

On the other hand, the accused loved the good life. Officers say he visited new pubs and bars in Delhi and Mumbai and on one such occasion at Delhi’s Gem pub in Paharganj he paid Rs 10,000 to hear a Sufi song of his choice.

Such a glamorous story has humble beginnings. Irfan first moved to Delhi four years back in search of a job. He initially opened a cloth shop in Outer Delhi’s Bawana where he met other associates who introduced him to the life of crime. Irfan, who has studied up to Class 5, was a good student. Officers say that in order to make sure he had a good grip while climbing up and making less noise while burgling homes, he would remain barefoot during the crime.

“He would first recce the area and target high-profile colonies and would later break open the house and carry out the crime. He mostly committed burglaries alone. He was living a luxurious life with access to latest cars and fashionable clothes. He even boasted about it on social media. He claims to have committed burglaries in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab as well,” added Baaniya.

In May, the police received a complaint from Rajeev Khanna stating that gold and diamond ornaments were missing. CCTV footages from various cameras installed in the area of New Friend’s Colony revealed the picture of the accused and he was apprehended from his village.

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