Rohingya Muslims protest outside Myanmar embassy in Delhi

NEW DELHI: Facing an uncertain future, thousands of Rohingya Muslims gathered outside the embassy of Myanmar on Wednesday.

Taking their demands to the doorsteps of the country from where they have fled due to violence, the thousands of men, women and children sought the intervention of the government to put pressure on Myanmar.

The crowd which had Rohingyas mostly from the national capital and its neighboring areas, senior lawyer and the one who filed the PIL in the Supreme Court against the deportation of Rohingyas was also present.

The central government has made it clear that the members of the community who are staying without any papers in the country will be deported; the issue has become a national topic of debate.

“What our demand is that these people who are residing in the country are facing brutal violence in Myanmar, the present government should put pressure on them (Myanmar) for a pro-people decision” said Nadeem Khan, human rights activist and one of the organizers of the protest.

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