September 18, 2018

Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat Day 3 LIVE updates: Congress VP to meet labourers in Godhra as EC announces poll dates

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Rahul borrowing a leaf from Indira’s book

Rahul Gandhi seems to be borrowing a leaf out of his grandmother and former prime minister Indira Gandhi’s book.

He had recently admitted that arrogance which, according to him, had crept into UPA-II was responsible for the defeat of the Congress in the 2014 polls.

Similarly, on her maiden visit to London, when Indira Gandhi was asked what her gains from the Emergency had been, she had said, “In those 21 months, we comprehensively managed to alienate all sections of Indian people.”

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A day after lashing out at the Modi government, the state government in Gujarat and the RSS, Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday will begin the third and final day of his visit to poll-bound Gujarat. His third day will begin from Chhota Udaipur in Gujarat. The Congress vice-president will meet multiple groups, including tribal students in Chhota Udaipur and skilled workers in Godhra.

According to India Today TV, Rahul will hold a roadshow in Godhra.

On Tuesday, Rahul had attacked the Modi government over BJP president Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah’s firm dealings.

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi is on a three-day visit to Gujarat. PTI

He had also said that BJP had made tall promises at the time of polls but had failed to fulfil those promises. He also criticised the government on issues like farmers’ crisis, demonetisation and lack of jobs in Modi’s home state.

“How much money did you get in your homes out of the so-called Gujarat model of development?” Rahul had said in Vadodara. “The debt of Gujarat has reached Rs 2 lakh crore. Despite taking so much debt for development works, there has been no improvement in the condition of farmers and the poor,” he had also said.

He had also alleged that RSS and BJP did not give any importance to women and asked how many of them were seen attending the Sangh’s ‘shakhas’.

He had said that in contrast, women work at every level in the Congress.

“The BJP’s thinking is that till women are silent they are good, when they start speaking up they try to shut them (women) up,” Gandhi had said at a gathering of students in Vadodara on the second day of his election campaign in Gujarat.

“Their organisation is the RSS. How many women are there in the RSS…Have you ever seen any woman in shakhas wearing shorts?” he had said in a sarcastic tone.

“In the Congress you will see women at every level in the organisation,” he had said.

Khakhi shorts were a trademark of RSS volunteers which they used to wear during their drills in the past, before they changed to full pants over an year back.

Rahul had also said that if his party’s government comes to power in Gujarat, it will give importance to women and try to resolve their issues.

The Congress vice-president had addressed 10 meetings on Monday and offered prayers at the famous Santram Temple in Nadiad.

In the first leg of the Navsarjan Yatra last month, Rahul had travelled in the Saurashtra.

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