Networking in Mountains – brings you the ultimate local experience.

On a cool February morning, i jumped into Ghoomakad, a beautiful place for homestay / coworking in the valleys of Himalayas in Rakkar village, Himachal Pradesh’s Kangra Valley. After a long time travelling across the country, covering the DIY maker’s campaign around 25 states, this was the ultimate place i was looking for. I found it most satisfactory and a peaceful place with like minded people who treats you as their family member. There’s a gushing stream to the left, snow-powdered peaks in front, and bushes of wild blossoms beyond the windows to my right. This floral perfume blends with the smell of wet earth. This vacation without any smartphone or laptop seems to be the answer to my prayers.

Mohinder Sharma is the founder of this place, he set up this place in 2010, he has studied at Shimla University and has a background of working with NGOs in Dharamshala, of them he is mostly active in Nishtha. He tells me that Ghoomakad started with a desire to build homes with traditional and natural construction materials. “I wanted to offer travellers an authentic Himachali experience in a manner that is ecologically responsible and sensitive to the local community,” he says.

His vision for this place is to create an ecosystem where people can live a simple life, eco-living with culture preservation and sustainability, he wish to create his village as smart village rich in culture. and customs.

Besides the mud floor, smooth slate-stone walls, and eight or nine bustling workstations. The unique combination of traditional building materials and modern technology is the headquarters of Ghoomakad. It is a social venture that offers homestays and trekking services, as well as well-connected workspaces for professionals who wish to take their desk to the mountains. Ghoomakad arranges for visitors to stay in homes around the village. About 75 per cent of the proceeds from the homestays go back to the local host families.

There is one section of land preserved for Organic farming, where latest techniques of permaculture for vegetable and food is employed. Mohinder Sharma also looks after proper seed bank which could be available to local people. Mostly cash cropping is employed with Rotational cropping using vermi compost as fertilizers.

At ghoomakad, mostly people used to come with the mindset of staying for a week or longer. with a wide variety of background including researchers, tech enthusiasts, remote workers, digital nomads, travellers and people looking for peace and rest from city hustle and bustles.

Author – Avinash Singh


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