A Start of New Technical Ecosystem by International Blockchain Technology Council

Talking about the newest entry in the field of technology we have two things in mind, one is Blockchain and the other is crypto-currency. India has a major role to play in these two domains and it has started since 2017 by Indian Blockchain Council. They have been a major driver for creating awareness in this field and achieving phenomenal success each year.

International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB) and Indian Blockchain Council (IBC) have associated themselves to give a shape to International Blockchain Technology Council (IBTC). Mr. Maxim Chereshnev (International Secretary IDACB) and Mr Vishal Nigam (Chairman of IBC) started this initiative that could lead us towards a new dawn in the field of Blockchain and its products and utilities.

The Chairman of Indian Blockchain Council, Mr Vishal Nigam, who started his journey in this field in 2014 is very hopeful with this new partnership and its attributes and genuinely believes that these kind of new ideas are going to take us real far in this now growing technology. He further added,

“Since Blockchain is still at its nascent state and we are waking up to this new domain; being the largest pool of technical talent, our country should be one of the top players in this niche and being the flag bearer, our aim is to create a new technical ecosystem where we would be providing training, will introduce products, will explain and experiments about their usages and finally would hold a new space in the world wide block chain innovations”.

Elated by the last year’s campaigns, workshops and various events, this year International Block Chain Technology Council (IBTC) will be officially partnering at world blockchain and CRYPTOCURRENCY summit on May 19th in Moscow, Russia. This is certainly big news for people in India, trying to work in Blockchain Technology. This summit can open doors for the entire Blockchain enthusiasts to work in a complete different environment through IBTC. Mr Vishal Nigam was elated with the partnership and said “The main purpose of this summit is to showcase our talent, resources and potential to the world. International Blockchain Technology Council will focus on Technology Building, Global Partnership, Education, Advocacy, and Policy Making in this absolute new domain.”

With this news, India has taken a giant leap that shall create more jobs, shape global policies and partnerships around Blockchain.

International Blockchain Technology Council will be starting a global Blockchain Bootcamp program from July 2018 and shall cover 50 countries to educate the people across the globe.

With this initiative, more companies will come forward to take advantage of the Blockchain technology. New ideas, new products will come to surface out of the collaboration. Mr Vishal Nigam, Chairman of Indian Blockchain Council and CEO of Blocskstien dreamt of India being one of the leader countries in Blockchain technologies and his dream comes a lot closer to achieving it, at the World Blockchain Summit in Russia.

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