International Day of Art of Giving – Inspired by Dr. Achyuta Samanta Life to be celebrated worldwide today.

Delhi: Art of Giving (AOG) – a philosophy of life to spread the peace and happiness among the people in the society was founded on 17th May 2013 by Prof. Achyuta Samanta – an educationist, social activist, social reformer and Founder of KIIT and KISS. This year 17th May, we are celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Art of Giving across the globe based on the theme “PYAAR BHARA PACK” (FEEDING WITH LOVE).

The concept is “People’s Contribution, People’s Participation”

This philosophy of life has been founded and propagated by Prof. Achyuta Samanta, Founder – KIIT and KISS who has struggled through an experience of poverty, hunger, humiliation in receiving and pleasure in giving from his childhood. He has become a self-made person overcoming all his struggles and gives the credit of all his success to “Art of Giving”. He has dedicated his life to eliminate sufferings from the lives of poor by promoting universal brotherhood and fraternity through peace and happiness. He has also been working relentlessly to achieve zero poverty, zero hunger and zero illiteracy since 1987. We are happy that the 5th Anniversary of Art of Giving is being celebrated all over India and 80 countries across the globe spreading over 20,000 centers. Nearly 10 million people worldwide including 4 million people in Odisha shall join the AOG movement by taking meals contributed by generous people inspired by the philosophy of Art of Giving.

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With inputs from – Avinash Singh

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