Apart from IEDS and sudden attacks one thing that absolutely dreads any military commander is supply of rations , spares and ammunition to the troops. A hungry soldier is much weaker and less focused. A tank without fuel or ammunition is very resilient but a easy target.This is one of the main reasons why the military is not very keen on equipment changes because it would cost more , people have to be trained , and arranging spares supplies is a nightmare.

The electric mobility at initial stages will cost more but will definitely ease the pressure on supply lines.” No need of fuel , no engine oil no coolant ” are the few examples of lesser parts required in battle field.But it will bring its own challenges into spares like special vehicles for charging of batteries.More electric training to troops. Dangers from EMP weapons. Batteries will weigh less than engines that means more armour can be added more ammo. can be carried lesser noise and heat generation means more stealth.

We will have to wait and see whether the tank commander says ” I need more fuel” or ” My batteries are drained I need a charged set.”


Author: Mr. Shishir Chauhan


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