October 22, 2018

DIYblockchain – World’s First Hybrid Blockchain Platform Launched in New Delhi

DIYblockchain ecosystem enhances digital literacy ,empowers creativity and provide platform for start-ups .

NEW DELHI: DIYblockchain announced the launch of platform for learning with enhanced opportunities for students, corporates and professionals. This ecosystem is going to nurture the audience in blockchain technology globally by giving training to them, making them ready for industry and providing the platform for developing smart solutions.

Their recent research has shown that jobs of the future will demand both niche technical skills and creative problem solving skills. However, the research also shows that the biggest barrier educators or corporates is currently facing is the lack of industry ready workforce in Blockchain. Lack of access to necessary tools and technologies, is also hindering the new start-ups in Blockchain technology. DIYblockchain is built to solve all of these issues. In addition to making the platform available for students DIYblockchain has also collaborated with leading universities around the world to develop content and deliver it also. They have introduced an industry first incubation platform focused towards promoting the entrepreneurial spirit of Blockchain start-ups.

DIYblockchain has R&D facility in New Delhi which is the India’s one and only one facility in Blockchain. We are already in process of tie-ups with corporates, universities and reputed colleges to open COE on Blockchain Technology and also providing industry first  DIYblockchain PGDB program of Blockchain training with industry exposure.

About DIYblockchain

DIYblockchain is going to change the world through with it’s vision of Integrated Makers Chain via Talent factory, Start-up ecosystem and Corporate Innovation. For more information, visit www.diyblockchain.co

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