The First Adarsh Gram Project By Mr. Pradip Burman

In the world of industrialization, Pradip Burman has his own name. No one really requires any additional information regarding this person. He is some who have initiated some of the most gigantic industry in the entire nation. Mr. Burman is the chairman of Sanat Products Pvt. Ltd, Dabur Nepal Pvt. Ltd, Mobius Foundation, Ayurvet Ltd, and many more. There is no doubt that this man has etched his own marks in the world of industrialization.

Being a person with so much interest and success in the industrial sector, he is also someone who takes part in the different social activities. He has always worked with only mission to make advanced society and improve the living with a cleaner environment and proper education system.  According to Mr. Burman, only maintaining a proper balance between the education and environment can pave the path towards a bright future. Nothing can be safer and better than this.

The Development of Chidana Village:

Mr. Pradip Burman is someone who also finds time to make greener earth. His development initiated from making greener Haryana and which is why his new project includes planting 5000 saplings. This will make sure that his dreams are actually coming into live. His next endeavour is to develop the Chidana village. This is under the district Sonepat in Haryana. In collaboration with the SATHI (Sustainable Advocacy Team for Human Improvement) and Ayurvet Ltd, he is now on his mission to develop the village. The reason behind taking such initiative is to improve the lifestyle of the people who are residing in the core rural part of this town.

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He has been doing several other things to improve the lifestyle in rural India. One of the most recent projects is taking an active part in this massive project to stabilize the population. Since 2015, Pradip Burman has been taking one after another project that has a direct influence on the betterment of rural people. SATHI mainly focuses on electricity, healthcare, sanitation, drinking water along with other infrastructural development in various areas of the villages and the schools. His target is to create an “Adarsh Gram: which means an ideal village. This project will include making the lives better with proper health care, quality food, better infrastructure and thereby improving their lifestyle.

With his association, training and development sessions are being arranged for the younger people of the village. This mainly includes knowing the different ways of natural farming practices along with food safety.

His continuous effort one after another only focuses on betterment, especially in the rural areas. Mr. Pradip Burman is certainly making great initiations which will help us to see a better future.

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