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Delhi government is strict about Corona, patients will be arrested if they run away from quarantine

People traveling abroad will have to obey the order of quarantine. If he does not do so, a case will be registered against him and an arrest will be made. The government has taken this decision after news of its escape from the quarantine center across the country.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Thursday that we are giving permission to stay quarantined at home. But, if any wrong will be taken advantage of, then strictness will be taken against him. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that people traveling abroad are being allowed to stay quarantined at their home. But he is being allowed to go home with a quarantine stamp (seal) on his hand, so that people can identify him if he is found walking outside the house. If the government gets information, then legal action will be taken against them. Only they will get the quarantine of home quarantine, whose primary examination will not show any symptoms.

Arranged 768 quarantine beds: According to the Chief Minister, the Delhi government has arranged 768 quarantine beds in different areas of Delhi. 57 people are living in the quarantine center. 711 beds are empty. The quarantine beds are also different from the central government. We have 550 isolation beds. These are being used for suspected patients. There are a total of 40 patients here. Central government hospitals have a 95-bed isolation ward. There are 67 suspected patients living in it.

Action will be taken under epidemic act

Kejriwal said that if someone does not accept the order of quarantine, then action will be taken against him under the Pandemic Act 1897 applicable in Delhi. Under the Act, if someone does not accept this order of the government, then action is taken by registering a case. In this, cases of negligence (spreading infection) and becoming a threat to the life of mankind, even after disobeying the orders of the government and knowing. It has a provision of punishment ranging from one month to two years.

People dialing 100 numbers for fear of Corona virus

New Delhi (Q.) The fear of corona infection is increasing among people. The situation is that despite the helpline number present, people are not missing from dialing 100 numbers. On Thursday, police from two different neighborhoods in Burari reported the corona suspect.

The first call came from Nehru Gali in Sant Nagar at around 9 am. According to sources, in the morning, the elderly woman went to buy goods at the general store adjacent to the street, wearing a mask. When the woman sitting at the store inquired, the elder said that his son had come from America on Wednesday and was suffering from fever. They feel that the son has a corona. The store mistress’s husband reported it at number 100. Police and staff of the concerned department reached the spot and searched for a masked woman in the area, but did not find success. At the same time, in the mountain area of ​​Sant Nagar at around three in the afternoon, the neighbor told the girl’s coronary patient number 100. Investigations found the student to have fever and cough.

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