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How Online Upskilling Platforms EDx, Coursera & DIYguru are responding to Global Coronavirus Outbreak

Many organisations globally have advised their employees to work from home to reduce the risk of coronavirus infections.

An extended period of stay-at-home work translates to significant savings in commuting time and expense. This could also result in better well-being.

It has been found that longer commute times are associated with lower job and leisure time satisfaction, increased strain and poorer mental health, according to a study on How commuting affects subjective wellbeing published in the journal Transportation.

The absence of commute time, by working from home, increases job satisfaction and leisure time activities, the study said.

Credited with more productive resources, professionals can invest their time and energy to learn new crafts, hone skills, get certified and advance at work.

Employees learning new skills or upgrading themselves will also help organisations in the long-run. Some of the online platforms are tying up with companies to develop their employees to build new capabilities for the future.

A growing number of online learning platforms are making this task easy for motivated professionals. Some of the most impactful Global learning platforms are listed here:


edX is a massive open online course (MOOC) platform built by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University. It offers university-level courses, and has tied up with over hundred institutional partners globally.

The platform offers some of its courses free, and the rest are charged. Some of its programmes allows certified students to use their successful completion records to enter full-fledged Masters programme at edX’s affiliate universities.

edX hosts courses across a range of disciplines and subjects.


Similar to edX, Coursera offers a range of courses that can pursued online. Most courses are 4-6 weeks long and end with a capstone project. The platform also offers hundreds of free courses through which professionals can access video lectures and join virtual community discussions. To earn a certification, one has to pay the full course fee.

Coursera has also partnered with corporations like Google and IBM to offer professional certificates to prop up job-ready learners.


DIYguru is a makers learning platform from India with major imphasis on Industry 4.0 courses for students and professionals, it has partners like Bosch, Hyundai and a host of Automotive companies. The platform has reduced the prices of it’s online courses down to 70% off amid coronavirus outbreak.


Tailored for students preparing for civil services, bank jobs and other competitive exams in India, Unacademy acts as virtual coaching centre. It offers over 2,400 lessons and specialised courses to over three lakh students.

Its online platform helps India’s government job aspirants to chart a learning journey to ace the competitive exams.


As the name suggests, the platform is built for individuals interested in learning to code. The online site offers a range of programming courses. Its basic version gives 180 hours of free lectures. And the paid version charges about $15/month with up to 1800 hours of lectures.

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