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Realme 5 Explodes In Man’s Pocket; Company Blames External Damages

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It seems that smartphone blast incidents won’t stop anytime soon. A new case of a mobile explosion in a user’s pocket has got our concerns raised. This time a device from the Chinese manufacturer Realme burned to ashes. The incident is being reported from Bhiwadi, Harayana, where a Realme 5 exploded in a man’s pocket.

A report via MSP suggests that the victim called Amit Rathi was riding his bike while on the way he realized that his smartphone which was the Realme 5 suddenly caught fire. The device went up in flames in no time and Rathi also retained some minor burns during the incident. Thankfully, there was no major damage. The incident reportedly happened on March 17th and the victim is said to have taken the damaged device to the nearby Realme service center. The report further suggests that the folks at the service center first agreed to replace the unit for free, however, the victim was later asked for 50-percent of the amount. However, once this incident made it to the headlines, the victim received a call from the company assuring a replacement following the 21-days lockdown period in India. The reason for the device to catch fire was unknown initially; however, the company later released an official statement clearing its take on the matter. And it seems like the unit was already in bad shape and had external damages that led to the incident. The company has also justified the matter of it asking the consumer to pay 50 percent of the total cost. The company said, “The user’s phone battery caught fire, and we have analyzed the phone. The phone was badly deformed by external forces, and the battery was punctured, causing the battery to catch fire. Adding on, “From the user’s point of view, we have offered him a discount, asking him to replace a new mobile phone with 50% of the cost of his paid mobile phone, but the user did not agree, so he complained to social media. Please note that we are now in further communication with users.”

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