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Coronavirus LIVE: SC seeks lockdown report; govt says no community outbreak

Coronavirus latest updates: Worldwide, the number of cases has crossed 724,436. Some 151,000 people have recovered, over 34,000 have died. Stay tuned to Business Standard for Covid-19 LIVE updates

Volunteers distribute face masks among people to prevent the spread of coronavirus pandemic in Srinagar. Photo: PTI

Coronavirus LIVE update: The government on Monday said the coronavirus pandemic in the country was at the “local transmission” stage, as the total number of cases rose to 1,071 and the death toll stood at 29.
 “We have to come out of these semantics–the government has nowhere said there is a community outbreak (of coronavirus). Technically, there is no community outbreak in the country. We are at the stage of local transmission,” said Lav Agarwal, joint secretary in health ministry, at a press conference in Delhi.
 Earlier, the Supreme Court asked the government to give it a report on the steps it had taken to help migrant workers fleeing cities as the country continues under a 21-day lockdown to prevent the spread of the disease
Worldwide, the number of coronavirus cases has reached more than 727,080. Some 151,000 people have recovered, while more than 34,610 have died.
Coronavirus world update: Italy has 10,779 fatalities, with 97,689 infections and 13,030 people recovered. Spain has recorded 7,340 fatalities, and 85,195 infections. China has to date declared 3,304 deaths and 81,470 cases. The other worst-hit countries are Iran with 2,757 deaths and 41,495 cases, and France with 2,606 deaths and 40,174 cases. The United States has the highest number of infected people with 143,055 diagnosed cases, 2,514 deaths and 4,865 recoveries.

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