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252 buses leave from Uttar Pradesh to pick up 7 thousand 500 students stranded in Rajasthan-UP government’s attempt / quota, students will first be brought to Agra and Jhansi

102 buses left from Jhansi and 150 buses from Agra, they will be parked at 6 different places in Kota.All students likely to return to Uttar Pradesh tonight, arrangements will be made to send them home from Agra-JhansiStudents from all over the country come to Kota to prepare for IITs, now 40 thousand students are staying in hostels and PG accommodation in Kota

Apr 17, 2020, 07:07 PM IST

quota. The Uttar Pradesh government on Friday sent 252 buses quota to pick up the stranded coaching students in the city. There are 7 thousand 500 students of UP, who will be transported to their homes by buses. The Rajasthan and UP governments took this decision on Thursday. On Friday, 102 buses were flown from Jhansi and 150 from Agra for students. Students will leave by buses at night.

Buses will be parked at 6 places in Kota where there are many coaching centers. Coaching and administration will help the students to reach here. A bus will carry around 25 to 30 children. They will first be taken to Jhansi and Agra. After this, the government will arrange to take them forward. 

In Madhya Pradesh, students
from all over the country come to Kota to prepare for the IIT. There are now 40 thousand students staying in hostels and PG accommodation. Apart from the quota, the UP government is also negotiating to bring back the students trapped in Madhya Pradesh. The children of Bihar will also be talked to the government there.

In Kota, UP buses will be parked at those 6 spots where the number of coaching is high.

Mask, sanitizer, water and food have also been arranged,
the entire arrangement for sending children is being done by ADM Administration NK Gupta. Along with them the police will also help to bring children to buses and maintain peace. Masks, sanitizers, water and food will also be given before children sit in buses.

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