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How fasting helps in maintaining healthy lifestyle? Find out

Muslims around the globe are observing the Ramadan 2020 this year amid the lockdowns and restrictions. Well here we will discuss how fasting helps in maintaining good health according to Science.

Ramadan, the Islamic holy month in which the faithful fasts from sunrise to sunset, brings a lot of joy to Muslims worldwide.

Readon to find out how fasting helps in maintaining good health according to Science.

Brain Health

Fasting helps the brain rest in a period when other organs of the human body such as the stomach are less in use because eating, drinking, smoking and other related activities come to a halt in Ramadan. However in spiritual sense, brain also rejoices when the nervous system believes that something important for life has been fulfilled by fasting.

Increasing Mental Focus

Fasting increases the mental focus that helps the brain function better because fasting is also about staying away from negative thinking and reimagining our life, relations and family matters in a spiritual way.

Digestive System

It also improves the digestive system because the body will have a rare opportunity year-around to detoxify internal organs as the spiritually-alleviating dieting forces the body to use fat reserves to keep operating in the absence of nutrition, killing harmful toxins stored in fat deposits in the process.

Healthy Heart

Medical Experts say that We have a hormone in our body called adiponectin, which is important both protecting our heart health and keeping our glucose levels low. According to some studies, fasting increases this hormone.

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