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Here’s how “India Youth Icon Team” is changing fate of this country and youth

In speak of Youth of our country we have a merit that youth consitute 33 crores of total india population.You well remembered the phrase of a great man that “Youth is the future of the country” that is entirely true.

Recently we talked to Ritik Rratap Singh , A BJP youth leader and National president of india youth icon team,an emerging youth organization in india. this organization has more than half million members in more than 8 states. with highly active in Bihar, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh , madhya pradesh and many more.

मैंने इस संगठन इंडिया यूथ आइकॉन टीम को इसलिए बनाया की हम भारत देश के सारे युवा एकजुट होकर काम कर सके।
आपको पता होगा कि हमारे भारत का भविष्य व्यस्था और अव्यस्था के बीच मंडरा रहा है। चारो तरफ अधर्म , भ्रस्टाचार की इस्थिति हो गयी है।
इस विकट समस्या से हम युवा ही ऐसे है जो अपने भारत को आगे बढ़ा सकते है।
इसलिए कहा गया है” युथ इस देश की भविष्य है”
मुझे पूरा बिस्वास है कि हम अपने मुकाम में सफल होंगे और अपने देश को प्रगति के राह पे आगे बढ़ाएंगे।
युवा अब जाग उठा है, इस देश का भविष्य अब जग उठा है ।

Ritik Pratap Singh

Ritik Pratap Singh who is only 21 in age answered our question in very seamless and respectful manner. we get amazed to see his passion, dedication in his organization.

Q- when you open this organization and how this came in your mind ? AnsIndia youth icon team started in 2016 but there was no any such social media platform and diversity back then.we were few but we had dedicaton and passion to group all india’s youth together for a change, i mean a big change.

QA lot of youth organization and gatherings are running in country, how you feel that you will work different from them ? Ans- Yeah its right that many youth groups are working and i praise them.all the best wishes to them,its great that our country have so much democratic and consitutive right. but my organization work entirely different from others, we are not hoping any political or money oriented work. all we think about development of this country,how’s it will be done.we will do it.

Q-what type of Hustle and Problem You face in running and handling a national level organization? AnsHonestly , i feel no any hustle in managing my family.its right that our organization have more than half million youth but they are my family like my younger and older brothers,some of them need support and some of them support me one can feel problem in managing their family?I bit get difficulty from outsiders and peoples who hate me,,,some peoples dont like me and always blame ,but thats beauty of our culture and i enjoy it because they keep me always alert in my work.

and like this we ask many question and completed our interview,this is good to see india is going on a way of development and many people like Ritik pratap singh helping to find and show a way.our country need this youth for development.

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  1. ABHAY pratap singh ABHAY pratap singh September 15, 2020

    Sir i am also want to add in this group for helping the people’s

  2. ABHAY pratap singh ABHAY pratap singh September 15, 2020

    Sir i am also want to add in this group for helping the people’s I love my India . I am ready to doing for his villagers. @RITIK pratap singh bjp

  3. Aman kumar singh Aman kumar singh October 8, 2020

    रितिक भैया हमारे देश में और हमारे जिला में रोहतास जिला बिहार में बहुत ही बेरोजगारी है और गरीब लोग को बहुत दबाया जा रहा है कृपया आप इंडिया यूथ आईकॉन टीम से बोलकर यह जो गरीब लोगों को दबाया जा रहा है और बेरोजगारी मिटाया जाए मैं आपका शिष्य अमन कुमार सिंह रोहतास बिहार

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