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Karnataka: Girl Mortgages Mangalsutra To Defend shut TV For Her Younger other folks’s Classes On Doordarshan

A mother of 4 young other folks Gadag district of Karnataka, used to be compelled to mortgage her mangalsutra to win a tv position so that her young other folks can even belief thru the classes telecasted on Doordarshan.

Kasturi Chalavadi from Radder Naganur village of Gadag district, a mother of 4, determined to help her 12-gram gold mangalsutra mortgage to exhaust the tv as her husband, Muttappa, is an everyday wage employee, who hasn’t been able to search a job amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

The incident used to be introduced to the eye of tehsildar after which he sent village officials to scrutinize into the matter.

The cash lender later realised the ache and determined to present the mangalsutra support to the girl and requested the family to attain support the cash every time they may be able to.

Some locals and politicians in the village pooled in cash for the family. Congress MLA Zameer Ahmed gave Rs 50,000 and enlighten minister CC Patil pooled in Rs 20,000. 

The girl later acknowledged, “Doordarshan shows classes for young other folks. We didn’t win a tv. Our kids historical to pass to others’ house to scrutinize tv. When the lecturers acknowledged they deserve to scrutinize TV for classes, I realised their future used to be at stake. No person gave me a loan to exhaust a tv. So I believed I am going to mortgage my mangalsutra and exhaust a TV.”

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