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Truth Compare: ISIS Attempting To Hack Your WhatsApp Showcase Checklist?


A WhatsApp forward is being circulated which states that apparently ISIS is planning on stealing profile photos in the prompt messaging app in present to misuse these for terrorist actions. In step with the message, WhatsApp’s CEO has appealed to all customers to utilize their profile describe inside of the next 20-25 days, and customers might maybe per chance simply gathered forward the message to all, particularly women folks.

The message is meant to be issued by A.K. Mittal, apparently an IPS. A mobile number (9849436632) is also mentioned and he claims to be Commissioner of Delhi.

The Logical Indian bought a query to ascertain the claims.


WhatsApp CEO has warned customers to interchange their reward describe as it will be misused by terrorists, hackers and ISIS.

Truth Compare:

The voice is counterfeit. The message is being circulated since 2016.

In step with Truecaller, the number is listed as belonging to an Arshad Ali and has been reported as spam.

Under is a screenshot:

Extra, neither the WhatsApp CEO nor the Delhi Police has issued one of these legit sight.

There’ll not be one of these thing as a-one named A.K. Mittal who has been Commissioner of Delhi since 1977. The checklist might maybe per chance simply additionally be checked right here. Essentially the most contemporary commissioner is S. N. Shrivastava.

Which ability that of this truth, this is an venerable recurring counterfeit forward.

WhatsApp On Hoax Message

In step with WhatsApp, unsolicited messages from unauthorized third events attain in diversified kinds much like spam, hoax and phishing messages. These messages are sent with the contrivance of deceiving the user and prompting them to behave in a definite technique.

WhatsApp lists the next characteristics of a hoax message:

(1) The message command material entails instructions to forward the message. The viral forward does search info from the user to forward it to diversified of us.

(2) The message claims you might maybe per chance maybe per chance help far from punishment, like story suspension, while you forward the message. In this case, the message says that the user’s reward describe might maybe per chance maybe be misused by terrorists, hackers and ISIS.

(3) The message command material entails a reward or reward from WhatsApp or one other particular person.

(4) The sender claims to be affiliated with WhatsApp. In this case, the message is attributed to WhatsApp CEO and the commissioner of Delhi, to carry out it extra credible.

Under is a comparability of the viral forward which makes it decided as to why it’s far a hoax:

For these who can bear any info that you just mediate needs to be truth-checked, please electronic mail us at or WhatsApp at 6364000343.

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