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Philippines To Adopt ‘Dharavi Model’ To Own Spread Of COVID-19 In Slums: BMC Chief

The Philippines govt has made up our minds to adopt the Dharavi mannequin of containing the outbreak of the lethal COVID-19 in its densely populated slums.

BMC commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal stated on August 18, “The Philippines govt will seemingly be following the Dharavi mannequin for holding Covid-19 in densely populated slums of Philippines.”

BMC has shared the facts of the Dharavi’s ‘Drag the virus’ mannequin with the Philippine govt’s health division, Chahal stated.

 “The DOH declared that it could perchance perchance observe the a success Dharavi-Mumbai advertising campaign conceptualised by Assistant Municipal Commissioner Kiran Dighavkar. Dharavi in India is Asia’s edifying slum where the Hollywood movie “Slumdog Millionaire” used to be shot. It has an total inhabitants of 1 million interior a 2.5-square-kilometer dwelling. This procedure eight to 10 of us in a 9-square-meter dwelling,” a news account from Philippine Day-to-day Inquirer shared by the BMC Commissioner read. 

The Dharavi Model

The Dharavi mannequin of containing the spread of Coronavirus constitutes trying out in high numbers, transferring sure patients to institutional quarantine amenities, transferring high and low menace contacts to separate quarantine amenities, and timely remedy of patients.

BMC quandary up fever camps, door-to-door surveys, aged non-public clinics and dispensaries to detect Covid-19 early.

Assistant Municipal Commissioner Kiran Dighavkar stated, “We’re giving the Philippines govt data on how we performed fever camps in Dharavi, and performed contact tracing, and organised institutional quarantining.” Over the final few weeks, Dighavkar has been flooded with calls from municipal companies in cities of Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Kolhapur, for an identical data.

“BMC’s Drag the Virus Coverage has shown the world easy concepts to fight Covid-19, however BMC is no longer complacent. We is no longer going to lower our guard,” BMC Commissioner stated. 

Impact Of The Model

Dharavi, once a Coronavirus hotspot, has seen circumstances in single digits for the past few days, and effectively flattened the curve within the stop of June.

On August 17, Monday, Dharavi, Asia’s edifying slum, recorded four new circumstances, on Saturday and Sunday it had recorded 5 new circumstances every, on Friday, it had recorded 9 new circumstances.

These figures stand in stark distinction with the amount of circumstances that had been reported in a single day in Would possibly perchance presumably perchance, when the infections in Dharavi peaked. On Would possibly perchance presumably perchance 3, it recorded its single-day spike of 94 circumstances.

Whereas the total quantity of Covid-19 circumstances in Dharavi touched 2,672, it has 80 active circumstances currently. The doubling rate has slowed the total procedure down to 269 days, and enhance rate is 0.27%, in distinction with Would possibly perchance presumably perchance when the it used to be at its peak at 4.8%.

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