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Eric Hippeau discusses D2C mumble, label price and advice for early-stage founders

Eric Hippeau is the founding associate at Lerer Hippeau Ventures, whose portfolio corporations encompass the likes of Axios, BuzzFeed, Casper, Warby Parker, Allbirds, DocSend, Fundera, Everlane, Giphy, Genius and the now not too long within the past acquired fitness firm Reflect.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to affirm that Hippeau is successfully-positioned to chat about startups across a large spectrum of industries, from media to D2C to telehealth to edtech. We spoke with Hippeau for a burly hour on a most up-to-date episode of Extra Crunch Reside to chat about all of the above and get his tactical advice for early-stage startups having a ask to exhaust their destroy.

Beneath, you’ll procure a video of the total episode and highlights from our conversation. Revel in!

Advice for gigantic-early-stage founders

As noteworthy as that you can, by design of timing and resources, produce something. Don’t proper focus on constructing something. Invent it. It’s now not gonna be absolute top, and it would possibly also now not work the design you are going to also close, but produce it because that can provide me, as a VC, a signal of what you’re seeking to maintain out. It moreover tells me loads about you, and that that right here’s something that you essentially care about. You’re going to position a matter to your loved ones, and even keep a matter to your friends, and also you’re going to get resources any design that you can because it’s that well-known to you. And, the product that you produce, whereas now not absolute top by any of stretch of the creativeness, will plod a protracted design for us to determine on out what it is miles.

On the mumble of yelp-to-user

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