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Government At bad stake, Newly Emerging Organizations are booming

Several NGOs,Public Organizations are seen doing Better Work than Government Itself.Is this the Political Game for Future or Really they are helping People?Here is discussion with national president of India Youth Icon team.

In the Amid Coronavirus lockdown,several organizations are working better than government.states like Bihar,Jharkhand,madhya pradesh ,uttar pradesh and many more have ongoing very bad conditions.first the covid is hitting very hard and recently due to Heavy rain, floods are everywhere ,A/c to ANI 29 peoples died in Bihar, 34 in UP and Similar No. in 3-4 states.these are the impactes of bad Administration And Poor Management.

But in this Disater Several Organization came forward as a solution to Everything.From the small donations and handful of members these organisations are no less than any Gov Corps. Recently TimesDelhi Team visited Bihar for Reporting of Coronavirus and Flood situation.we met Ritik Pratap Singh. President of INDIA YOUTH ICON TEAM.their team was with relief package in flood affected area.

We get amazed to see thier Dedication toward people.all the rich-politician are in thier safe environment and this team is on patrol with thier lives in thier hand.Team Distributed more than 2 lakhs food pacakge in 6+ Districts.

These things are always remebered by the People, those whom you are helping will never forgot current india everything is now based on profit.politics is infecting every people and more dangerous than lectures on anything and joining press conference doesn’t solve the people problem.Thanks to team like India Youth icon team that they are spreading love and Never get back in helping people

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