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Leaked Palantir S-1 reveals firm has 125 possibilities after 17 years

We’re accumulated walking by Palantir’s leaked S-1, which as of the time of this writing, hasn’t yet been filed and published by the SEC. This morning, we mentioned about a of Palantir’s financials, including its revenues, margins, and gain losses.

The firm’s buyer awful — and it’s excessive-stage of focus — is a habitual theme in the leaked S-1 submitting that TechCrunch has been learning all day.

Palantir has precisely 125 possibilities as of the pause of the first half of 2020. Palantir notes that possibilities from varied parts of the identical authorities division or firm are regarded as separately (Palantir’s instance is that the CDC and NIH are every section of the Division of Properly being and Human Products and companies, nonetheless might perchance be billed separately and are thus regarded as separate possibilities for the motive of its calculation).

As of the pause of 2019, the in vogue earnings per buyer for Palantir modified into as soon as $5.6 million. In comparability to many other SaaS shares, that might perchance be a fine number, nonetheless largely driven by the reality that Palantir doesn’t enjoy the soft onboarding solutions of merchandise love Slack or Amazon Net Products and companies, the put minute organizations can originate up using a product even supposing they aren’t extensive moneymakers.

Palantir notes that over the previous decade, common earnings per buyer has elevated 30%.

What’s perchance more caring even though is the sheer earnings focus of Palantir. The firm’s high three possibilities — which aren’t disclosed — together represented 28% of the firm’s earnings for 2019. Its high twenty possibilities represented 67% of complete revenues, with every a kind of possibilities averaging $24.8 million in earnings.

As we reported this morning, 53.5% of the firm’s earnings is derived from authorities contracts, with the balance from commercial purchasers.

Palantir’s submitting says that 40% of earnings is generated in the U.S., with 60% generated internationally. The firm says that it has purchasers in 150 countries (in actual fact, reconciling 150 countries with 125 possibilities is left as a math exercise for the reader).

Palantir sees gigantic enhance alternatives in every its authorities and commercial businesses. On the authorities aspect, the firm acknowledged in its mask to shareholders that:

The systemic disasters of authorities institutions to provide for the general public — fractured healthcare systems, erosions of records privacy, strained prison justice systems, and primitive programs of combating wars — will continue to require every the private and non-private sectors to remodel themselves. We imagine that the underperformance and lack of legitimacy of many of these institutions will simplest amplify the crawl with which they’re required to exchange.

Palantir argues that its complete addressable market is $119 billion.

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