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Education And Youth Empowernment is first Priority- Ujjval Pratap Singh

ujjval pratap singh
Left to right- Ritik Pratap Singh(President) , Ujjval Pratap Singh (Vice President)

Newly Appointed India Youth Icon Team‘s Vice President Ujjval Pratap Singh States Clearly that Awareness of Education and Youth Empowernment will be the first Priority in his reign. He will be handling the Work from 1 november.

From the Vice President “Ujjval Pratap Singh” the five motive for the 5 year.

India youth icon team has to grow continuously
The main job of our team is to promote youth Empowernment
Our team will have a distinct identity in the entire National. Different names will have different status,We all will move ahead with each other’s help
1 The main objective of our team will be to end unemployment,
2 second to end Poverty ,
3 Our third main objective will be to eliminate the cast system in the nation.
4 fourth motive will be to promote education.
5 fifth motive, Making people aware to become self-sufficient.

from Ujjval Pratap Singh ,,Source ANI

इंडिया यूथ आइकन टीम को लगातार बढ़ाना है
हमारी टीम का मेन काम यह है कि उनको युथ को प्रमोट करना
हमारी टीम का पुरे नेशनल में एक अलग पहचान होगा। अलग नाम होगा अलग रुतबा होगा
हम सभी लोग एक दूसरे की मदद से आगे बड़ेंगे
1 हमारी टीम का मेन मकसद होगा बेरोजगारी ख़तम करना
2 हमारी दूसरी मेन मकसद होगी
गरीबी को खत्म करना।
3 हमारी तीसरी मेन मकसद होगी कास्ट सिस्टम को खत्म करना
4 चौथी मेन मकसद होगी एजुकेशन को बढ़ावा देना
5 हमारी पांचवी मकसद होगी। आत्मनिर्भर बनने के लिए लोगों को जागरूक करना

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Ujjval Pratap Singh Got his Degree From Noida International University (2016-2020). He was Enterprenuer By Profession and Very Active In social Works. He voluntered So many social Campaigns in India Youth Icon Team since 2017. seeing the dedication towards the organization, Core Commitee Decided to Award Him as a Vice President. He will Handle His Position oficially from 1 november.

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