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Kali Puja 2020: Date, time and significance of competition infamous in parts of eastern India


Kali Puja is a necessary Hindu competition dedicated to Goddess Kali. Whereas the the rest of India worships Goddess Lakshmi on Amavasya Tithi right through Diwali, eastern India, including West Bengal, Odisha and Assam love Goddess Kali on the recent moon within the month of Kartik. Kali Puja is mostly acknowledged as Shyama Puja and is the 2nd most infamous competition after Durga Puja in Jap India.

In step with Drikpanchang, Kali Puja 2020 has fallen on 14 November, Saturday. The Kali Puja Nishita Time is between 11: 50 pm to 12: 42 am on 15 November.

Amavasya tithi begins on 2: 17 pm on 14 November and ends at 10: 36 am on 15 November.

Most years spy Diwali and Kali Puja falling on the the same day, but there are years when Kali Puja can also fall a day before Diwali. The day when Amavasya prevails right through uninteresting evening is regarded because the day Kali Puja desires to be accomplished, while for Lakshmi Puja, it’s the day when Amavasya prevails right through Pradosh.

Ancient previous of Kali Puja

It is broadly believed that in Bengal, infamous 16th century Tantric pupil Krishnananda Agamavagisha used to be the one who started Kali Puja. The tantric pupil had once dreamt of Goddess Kali, who had unless then largely been linked with loss of life and darkness. Nonetheless, the dark goddess urged Agamavagisha to love her in a originate that highlighted her in a more motherly avatar. Thus, Agamavagisha is mostly attributed with popularising the love of Kali in a milder iconography — a originate that is quiet worshipped across Bengal to this date.

Memoir and significance of Kali Puja

Goddess Kali is represented as a girl with dark pores and skin, four fingers and long flowing hair. The stop left hand holds a kharga, or sword, while the underside left hand holds the pinnacle of a demon she has slayed. The exact fingers show conceal the Abhaya Mudra, signifying protection, and Varada Mudra for granting boons. She adorns herself with a garland of severed necks and has her tongue protruding out of her mouth. Her iconography is full with one foot on the thigh and the completely different on the chest of her husband Lord Shiva.

As per mythology, when her victory over the demons used to be firm, she danced so furiously that the earth trembled below her. At the attach a question to of the Gods, Shiva laid down in entrance of her to originate her shatter. When she unintentionally stepped on him, she realised her mistake and fix out her tongue and calmed down.

All the draw through Kali Puja, tall marquees are erected across Bengal, and temples dedicated to the goddess are cleaned and embellished. Idols of Goddess Kali are housed contained within the marquees and on the day of the puja, devotees swiftly right throughout the day and love the deity on the Nishita Time of Amavasya. Varied choices are given to the Goddess including fruits, sweets, bhog, dresses and hibiscus flower. Rice and lentil too play an essential fragment of the bhog and khichdi constituted of them are offered to the Goddess.


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