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The role of Artificial Intelligence in School

Artificial intelligence has now become an integral part of our lives and has outlined its role in numerous fields. No one thought that a term coined in 1947 would become the most conversational topic of the hour in 2020. Today, countries like the U.S.A and China are investing heavily in AI where as India is just brushing the tip of the ice berg.

In 2017, during the world economic forum conference, it was concluded that the upcoming years would be crucial for AI. Just four days after the conference, China enforced AI education in their schools. India is lagging far behind as of now.

Now, artificial intelligence is no longer confined to movies associated with fantasy. We can see that it is a phenomenon of our day to day lives. If artificial intelligence is applied to school academics, it can improve students’ overall learning and development manifold.

There are many foreseeable critical advantages of artificial intelligence in school education. 

Firstly, it would become much easier and seamless to spot and fill the gaps. AI will identify the gaps in a teacher’s presentation and academic material. The teacher would be alerted by the system if he makes a mistake. The teacher can then correct himself immediately, and thus we can prevent any kind of wrong information from being passed on to the students.

 Secondly, students can get tailored educative content for them enhancing their learning. Personalization in education is one of the advantages that AI is anticipated to contain in its armoury. Usually, it is an arduous task for an educator to fulfil all the student’s expectations in the classroom. With AI entering the picture, the teacher can achieve this objective with considerable ease

 Thirdly, Artificial Intelligence will provide targeted directions to all students that will help support their unique strengths and improve their weaknesses. Hence, AI helps staggeringly in improving their learning experience. Also, better feedback mechanism for students can be created. For example, when there are bulk assignments, it is often difficult to receive feedback from each student. Also, not all students are comfortable sharing their views. AI will help both the teachers and the students have a one-to-one interaction. Some students have growing insecurity about asking questions or clearing their doubts with their teachers. These students have an apprehension to obtain the essential recommendation for their performance on a public forum. Artificial Intelligence will eliminate this constraint. Moreover, through computing, students would conjointly get the mandatory suggestions they need.

Fourthly, education can be made fun and interesting  for students. Computing and specifically the use of AI will increase students’ involvement and participation through activities, keep them captivated and thus help them learn and comprehend the subject matter better.

Last but not the least, through the utilization of AI, schools can construct a virtual classroom. If students could not attend the class for some reason, all they need is to go to a link, click on the link, and within seconds they would connect with the live classroom. Undoubtedly, AI will make Education well-organized and more comfortable.  

AI can be intimidating, and Indians hold the same thoughts as they had at the time of the introduction of computers. When ex-prime minister, Shri. Rajiv Gandhi brought computers in India; people thought that they would end up losing their jobs. But if computers were not introduced, India would never have become a global leader in providing IT services. 

In the years to come, AI would become very deeply engraved across industries and functions in business and also in our day to day lives.  Hence, if we don’t include AI in the school curriculum today, then in the coming times, we won’t be able to stay competitive in business and neither be able to give a platform  for growth to our future generations. This also emphasises that change is no good until it causes good for humankind.

We want to thank Super AI Polaris which is doing splendid job in highlighting the need for artificial intelligence in school education. The team has put in immense hard work for introducing Artificial Intelligence in school education. The company has succeeded in creating AI awareness and partnering with several schools and has enabled them to adopt AI in their curriculum. We have interacted with and interviewed their students, and they are extra-ordinarily informed and very excited about the new introduction. Their well-researched reports and simple and fun to learn content have brought great enthusiasm in both teachers and students to adopt AI. Let us all encourage such initiatives and build a more future ready India for our children.

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