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2020, one year of the pandemic: Husband and father murdered in caste violence, TN lady says police gave apathy, abuse no longer security


Editor’s existing:  In 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak upended lives and livelihoods in myriad ways. The unusual coronavirus threw up new and unparalleled challenges, especially for of us from marginalised sections of society. In a multi-part seriesFirstpost explores how people from assorted walks of lifestyles lived during the one year of the pandemic. This is an component six of the series.

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Muthulakshmi, 21, spent the closing three months of 2020 compiling paperwork she wished to watch for a authorities job.

In October, she’d been advised by the Thoothukudi collector, easiest after multiple journeys to the Collectorate, that she’d be absorbed into the authorities group after after submitting these paperwork.

She’d spent practically day-after-day since training getting them.

Muthulakshmi had diminutive replacement. Regardless of every little thing, she had two-one year-outmoded Dhanalakshmi to care for.  And she used to be now a single father or mother.

On 8 Would possibly perhaps perchance well moreover, Muthulakshmi’s husband Thangaraj and father Palavesam had been murdered, allegedly by a mob of Thevars, in Sathankulam’s Udayarkulam.

This is the identical unpleasant panchayat metropolis the set Jeyaraj and his son Benix had been murdered in police custody barely a month later.

While the Jeyaraj and Benix case received loads of media consideration, the chargesheet for the murders of Thangaraj and Palavesam is but to be filed.

C Prathapan, the DSP at the time of the cancel of Thangaraj and Palavesam, used to be placed on a wait checklist due to the the custodial deaths of Jeyaraj and Benix.

Since then, the DSP for this division has been shuffled with alarming frequency.

While the three main accused in the case are in jail, the leisure are out on bail.

When this reporter met Muthulakshmi’s family in Would possibly perhaps perchance well moreover, they had been at their native village of Pudupatti in Srivaikuntam Taluk. They had left all their assets and fled from Udayarkulam after the night of the killings. Muthulakshmi’s brother Muthurasa used to be quiet in hiding.

“They’re quiet thirsty for my blood, they are quiet seeking me,” he acknowledged. An armed constable had been posted for their security. Muthurasa and Muthulakshmi’s mother Kaliamma refused to let her son out of explore, noteworthy less employ his truck out for work.

Eight months on, Kaliamma has moved to Pudukottai with her four daughters and a granddaughter, hoping that it shall be safer there. Muthurasa lives in Pudupatti with his family and has started going out for work. There is now not this kind of thing as a constable with either of them. “We don’t catch the plush to take a seat, fearing for our lives. I in fact catch four daughters and a granddaughter to feed now,” says Kaliamma.

The daunting direction of ahead for Kailamma isn’t honest offering for her daughters. It is the criminal justice machine which she has to face in the days to come. “Every month, that inspector amma visits us, telling us to ship Muthurasa to the court docket. I in fact catch refused point smooth. I’ve misplaced two males from my family already. I don’t intend to lose him,” says Kaliamma, who went to the court docket in its set.

She used to be advised to appear by SI Vijayalakshmi, Nazareth Police Space, to contest the bail functions of the accused. The bail functions had been at the starting up rejected but due to the delay in filing of chargesheet, the overall accused assorted than the three main accused arrested below the Goondas Act are out on bail.

The chargesheet is but to be filed. DSP Godwin Jegadishkumar advised Firstpost that they are training filing it. When requested about police security for the family since about a of the accused are out on bail, the DSP acknowledged that there could be an legitimate at Udayarkulam.

This reporter advised the DSP Jegadishkumar that the family is now in Pudupati and no longer in Udayarkulam. DSP Jegadishkumar didn’t reply to this. This reporter requested the DSP Jegadishkumar how he intends to defend them as soon as the chargesheet is filed. “That we’re going to employ care of, no longer to apprehension,” he acknowledged.

Kaliamma poses a quiz to me as we discuss the upcoming trial. “If I teach I saw them cancel my husband and son in law, will they employ this assertion seriously? Will it lead to something?,” she asks.

Kaliamma’s extra urgent quiz is that if their lives would perchance be in danger had been they to talk the true fact.

“We tried to forestall the honest ingredient, and query the set it received us,” she says.

Kaliamma’s husband Palvesam labored with Shanmugasundara, a moneylender, for a whereas. He had borrowed Rs 40,000 from Shanmugasundaram in 2017 after pledging his patta paperwork. After repaying the money with ardour, Palavesam requested that his paperwork be returned.

At some stage in the identical time, Palavesam’s youthful son Muthurasa used to be working with Shanmugasundaram in lieu of a tear portion of the debt. But after being subject to ill-remedy and casteist barbs from Shanmugasundaram’s family, Muthurasa determined to end working there. This, finally of the identical time that the debt used to be paid off.

After that, when Palavesam approached Shanmugasundaram for his land paperwork, Shanmugasundaram refused to part with them. Palavesam made customary journeys for months to Shanmugasundaram, saying that he wished the paperwork urgently. On one such event, Shanmugasundaram abused Palavesam and his family with casteist slurs and attacked them.

A photo taken at Muthulakshmi and Thangaraj's wedding. Her father-in-law Palavesam (extreme left) and her husband Thangaraj (left). Greeshma Kuthar/Firstpost

Palavesam and his entire family reported the incident at Nazareth Police Space on 7 Would possibly perhaps perchance well moreover. They camped at the gap for shut to a day, following which Shanmugasundaram used to be arrested below provisions of the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. But by then, Palavesam and Kaliamma had sensed the impending danger.

“I constantly advised the law enforcement officers at Nazareth to present us with police security for honest one night. We had been planning to leave the very next day to Pudupatti,” says Kaliamma.

Despite repeated requests and pleas, the police sent the family away, saying “nothing will happen”.

Their home in Udayarkulam used to be round seven to eight kilometres from the police space. Interior minutes of the family reaching home, they heard a knock at their door. Muthulakshmi’s husband made his methodology to the door, easiest to be attacked with an aruva the minute he opened it.

What passed off after used to be a blur, says Kaliamma. A mob of 12 to 13 males had surrounded their dwelling, mouthing casteist expletives and searching out for to fabricate their methodology into the home, as the overall family tried to wait on the door shut. “They had been searching out for to gain to me, but my father and brother-in-law came in the methodology,” says Muthurasa, taking a watch at his sister.

The males managed to hack away at every little thing they would well moreover attain, wounding every person in the plot. Palavesam and Thangaraj succumbed to their injuries on the direct. How a mob of 13 assembled starting up air their home unquestioned, finally of an intense lockdown, kilometres a ways from the closest police space, is a quiz that is but to be answered.

A fair exact extra serious quiz is why police did now not turn up without delay in spite of incessant calls.


When the police finally showed up, they transported the bodies of Palavesam and Thangaraj the employ of Muthurasa’s truck for publish mortem, no longer an ambulance or a police automobile. Muthurasa had to orderly off the blood of his father and brother-in-law by himself, after having witnessed them being butchered.

Muthulakshmi's father-in-law tried many times to take from her the motorcycle belonging to her late husband Thangaraj. Greeshma Kuthar/Firstpost

After the murders policemen had been deployed finally of Udayarkulam.

For the reason that cancel, Muthulakshmi had to handle the loss of her husband, and the abuse from her sweetheart’s father, Ramar, who refused to come all but again her paperwork or her gold. He also tried, on many occasions, employ Thangaraj’s bike from Muthulakhsmi.

After repeated pleas and requests to civil society leaders, she and Kaliamma went to the Collector’s Arrangement of job themselves, soliciting for him to intervene.

The Collector directed the police from her taluk to attend her. The police officers, in its set of serving to, supplied honest sermons.

“Even they acted so inhumanely. They abused us, asking why I am unwilling to portion the money that I received as compensation with my sweetheart’s father, and saying that me and my mother are “doing drama”. When I advised them I in fact catch an infant daughter, one amongst them acknowledged even he has a daughter. How is that this comparison even beautiful?” questions Muthutlakshmi.

Sooner or later, she bribed her sweetheart’s father Rs 50,000 during the police honest so as to gain entry to the paperwork she wished to watch for her job.

Muthulakshmi has thyroid considerations, which at times, fabricate her in actuality feel veteran. But she is determined to originate up working soon.

For the sake of her daughter.

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