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How Greta Thunberg backed climate chaos, Disha Ravi and others helped Khalistani team


The sun and the sea, the wind and the crops, can all be politically weaponised.

In this day’s geopolitics, primary networks can turn the harmless fantastic thing about our ambiance in opposition to leaders and governments they hate, even supposing these are democratically elected ones.

Why else would Greta Thunberg, who turned the face of minor climate activism by correct indignantly mouthing “how dare you?”, cheerlead India’s most irresponsible and adverse farming practices?

By tweeting in enhance of protests in opposition to the brand new farm licensed guidelines, Greta did her have confidence trigger the greatest disservice. The new licensed guidelines will live the water-guzzling paddy cultivation in Punjab. Filthy rich farmers form it within the greed of promoting paddy to the federal government at a high minimal enhance ticket (MSP), a politically driven dole.

Within the formulation, these Punjab farmers, most of whom furthermore force fuel-guzzling SUVs, suck out the water table, and employ carefully subsidised electrical energy. The paddy is mostly extra production which rots at government storage facilities.

After the prick season, the identical farmers burn the prick stubble freely. Delhi has these farmers to thank for dusky-air winters, and bearing the ignominy of being amongst basically the most polluted world cities. Indubitably one of many farmers’ demands within the present protests became to revoke any punishment for such reckless polluting, which furthermore impacts our young of us.

Why did Greta disclose to throw in her celeb within the abet of a trigger proper now at war with what she represents? The police investigation begs some mandatory questions:

Why had been our have confidence homegrown ‘climate activist’ Disha Ravi and her so-known as activist company Nikita Jacob and Shantanu Muluk enthusiastic with her, sending her a toolkit or verbal exchange docket which she unintentionally posted?

Why had been Disha, Nikita and Shantanu in cahoots with Mo Dhaliwal, a Canadian Indian who is an initiate supporter of the banned dread motion inquiring for a separate Khalistan?

Why had been they planning to plot India’s symbols treasure tea and yoga?

Why became the toolkit speaking about physical action out of doors Indian embassies and areas of work?
Did Ravi, Jacob and Muluk now not scrutinize that the legend, purportedly created by themselves, known as for “financial warfare in opposition to India and obvious Indian corporations”?

As Indian residents, why had been they cavorting with Dhaliwal, an avowed Khalistani and leader of the Poetic Justice Foundation whose plot is the dismemberment of the Indian relate?

Khalistan became a violent motion within the abet of waves of dread assaults within the ’80s, including the assassination of then India PM Indira Gandhi. Indian companies have customarily flagged how Pakistan’s ISI is making an attempt to re-organise the motion from foreign soil, most prominently Canada, the US and the UK.

The violence that took relate on India’s Republic Day on January 26 would perchance well perchance now not had been spontaneous. It takes colossal planning and sources to push hundreds of armed lumpens posed as farmers into Delhi.

The whole whereas, Ravi, Jacob and Muluk had been allegedly creating and enhancing the toolkit, and then looking out to quilt their tracks.

Which leads us to the closing ask: Who’s the head mechanic of the toolkit and the absolute top plot long will he, she or they proceed to be within the shadows?

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