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Siddharth Nayak and his Rise in the Tech Industry.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the number of Company registrations, particularly in the latter half of 2020, with more than 95,000 new businesses recorded between July and September. This is not wholly surprising if we consider that many successful enterprises have emerged during a recession, including Burger King, FedEx, Farfetch, Microsoft – in fact, over half of Fortune 500 companies were founded during a downturn.
Indian tech startups, in particular, are already showing promising signs of recovery; changing consumer habits have led to a boom in eCommerce platforms, Food delivery apps, Fintech, Cybersecurity Tools, and many more. Here, we take a look at How Siddharth Nayak and his Ventures are rising in the tech Industry despite the pandemic.

Siddharth was always a visionary when it came to business ideas and implementation, He believed in the Work From Home Culture way before the Corona Virus Pandemic, many of his Developers were used to the work from home culture due to which it wasn’t a problem for Siddharth and his team to work efficiently throughout the Pandemic. Not just that, in some cases the productivity increased.
“Creating and sustaining a vision for an organization calls for discipline and creativity. A business leader must have the passion, strength of will, and necessary knowledge to achieve long-term goals. A focused individual who can inspire his team to reach organizational goals is a visionary business leader.” Says Siddharth Nayak.

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