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Maker’s Campaign Season 3.0 in E-Mobility & Climate Change

DIYguru, a Future Mobility Upskilling platform has launched Maker’s campaign Sesoan 3.0 (2021-22) in partnership with Industries in renewable energy and Future Mobility Sector to aware students from colleges and universities worldwide. The delivery of training and workshop will happen via virtual mode with free software licenses and certifications. Interested Colleges can participate in the campaign.

As the Centre incentivizes the use of electric vehicles, the shortage of skilled EV talent could impact the fast-tracking of India’s 2030 e-mobility target of 30% in the automotive industry. While this is good, another pivotal aspect has still not attracted adequate attention – EV-related skills. Considering the latent yet growing demand for EVs, India must create a highly skilled talent pool of EV industry workers and allied professionals.

EV skills are also required to mitigate high unemployment rates. Shortage of such skills is one of the factors driving higher unemployment. Not having adequate skilled professionals before EVs take to the roads in large numbers would be like placing the cart before the horse.

Considering the incentives/subsidies being provided by the Centre and States, EVs will keep gaining acceptance year-on-year. Consequently, engineers with a cross-sectional knowledge in the spheres of mechanical engineering, electricals and electronics are imperative to service the sunrise sector.

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