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Congress warns BJP with privilege motion for claiming no COVID-19 patient died due to oxygen shortage

Congress parliamentarian KC Venugopal said on July 20 that the party will move a privilege motion against Minister of State for Health Bharati Praveen Pawar for saying that nobody in India died due to a shortage of oxygen.

The Health Ministry had told the Rajya Sabha on July 20 that: “Health is a state subject. All states/Union Territories (UTs) report cases and deaths to Union Health Ministry on a regular basis, as per detailed guidelines for reporting deaths. No deaths due to lack of oxygen have been specifically reported by states/UTs.”

Reacting to the statement Venugopal said: “The Government of India has given a reply today that nobody in the country died due to a shortage of oxygen. In every state, we saw how many patients died due to a lack of oxygen. We know. The Minister misled the House. We will move a Privilege Motion against that Minister.”

He added: “This is the way in which the Govt of India is doing COVID control. This is a clear answer because the Prime Minister is giving a presentation today. I do not know if these types of answers will be given in that presentation. This is totally condemnable.”

Meanwhile, Mallikarjun Kharge, Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha, said: “We all know that due to lack of oxygen many hospitals refused to admit patients, and many (COVID-19 patients) died. If they say so, then it is the first government that neither listens to nor sees. People should teach a lesson to them.”

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