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‘Loving myself is so important’: Sameera Reddy pens heartfelt note on self-love

Lately, Sameera Reddy has been focussing most of her social media posts on body positivity. While sharing anecdotes from her personal journey towards accepting her true self, she has never shied away from talking about weight gain or sharing no-makeup candid photos.

For Sameera, it is all about being “imperfectly perfect”. And in a recent Instagram post, she shared why it is important to her.

Posting throwback pictures from 2015, she wrote, “In this picture, the smile I had to put up behind the pain of feeling so bad about myself and my body was so difficult to bear it broke me as a woman…I was unrecognisable and lost.”

Around six years down the line, the 42-year-old mother, however, says she has come a long way. Yet, every day, she continues to remind herself of “how loving myself is so important irrespective of standards expected and I keep speaking so that anyone feeling the same should know that it’s ok and you are not alone.”

Talking about her multiple moments of breakdown since she became a mother, Sameera further wrote, “As a mother after giving birth instead of celebrating the joy of my first child, all I did was silently go day to day just trying to make it through without a breakdown. But I did break…many times and it led me to where I am today. Self-acceptance, self-love and being very clear with what I will let affect me.”

She added, “I am still a work in progress and with Nyra I was much better with the way I handled my emotions and hormonal changes. Being on social media today has given me so much strength to not hide these thoughts and I am grateful I can share this with you.”

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