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Decode The Purpose of Your Life Based on Your Date of Birth

In this life, we are full of chaos, and often ponder upon abstract questions like “what am I here for ?”, “what if I am doing the wrong thing this whole time?”, “What is the mission that I am sent on earth for ?”, “ who am I ?” and the list of curious questions is endless. Thankfully, our ancestors have discovered a way to make it easy for us.

Our birthdates are our code numbers which when deciphered, give us all the answers that we long for. This beautiful sequence of numbers can decode all the complexities and simplify our lives. There are various numerological methods like Chaldean, Sepherial, Pythagorean, Vedic, Chinese to help us do the math.

The combination of the numbers in our birthdate carries certain vibrations which can define our strong and weak qualities and also help us determine the purpose of our lives. It gives us a great insight into how we can live in harmony with the cosmos and realise our potential at the same time. 

To understand the PURPOSE OF OUR LIFE, first, we need to calculate our LIFE PATH NUMBER from our birthdates. We need the sum total of digits of the full birthdate and reduce it to a single number between 1 -9. For instance, Birthdate A – 26/12/1990 = 2+6 +1+2 +1+9+9+0 = 30 = 3+0 = 3

Thus, the LIFE PATH NUMBER is 3.

However, there is an exception to this rule. If the total comes to 11 or 22, then these digits should not be reduced. For instance, Birthdate B – 01/01/1982 = 1+1+1+9+8+2 = 22

Number 11 & 22 are known as Master Numbers and they have a special purpose of their own. After calculating the LIFE PATH NUMBER, let’s see what each number has in store for us.


You are born to be a leader and have a protector attitude. In this life, you need to cultivate and hone your dedication skills towards the causes that you believe in the most. The biggest lesson to learn will be practicality and rationality in any areas of life. This may cause you to become lonely at times & there is a risk of people perceiving you as an arrogant individual. But you will have to learn to stand upright & unwavering in all walks of life.


Your purpose is to diffuse the bomb-like situations waiting to explode. Your gentle feminine energies are often challenged again & again but your calmness & smoothness can ease down anyone. Beware people may tend to mistreat you. You are supposed to be the Peace Maker but you have to cultivate the strength to be flexible & bounce back upright when required. You are devoted to the causes that concern you & expect the same devotion in return. You are the backbone of your family. Your strength & resilience behind the curtains gives the power to the King to run the kingdom smoothly. Thus, you are a King Maker too!


The purpose of your life is to handle tasks with great skill & ease. While you have good leadership qualities, you are often required to multitask but sometimes your habits to procrastinate things leads you to lose focus on important goals. You will be able to learn multiple talents in this lifetime, especially anything to do with management & arts. Improving your speaking skills will give you the ability to outshine others. Do not abandon old projects for the new, try to balance between the two & finish them with grace. Connecting mind, body & soul on a spiritual plane will give you deeper insights into life.


You are born to get everything under order & regulate the flow of things smoothly. You need to start living mind over heart, logic over emotions kind of life. Hard work & struggle are inevitable but if you chose to tackle it with orderliness & organize every detail, not miss a step, then things may work out as you would have hoped for. Build a life on solid principles & discipline for long term success. Planning little detail is your super power.


Your life’s purpose is to quickly adapt, evolve & grow in a stable manner. In your life, there will be constant urges to change job, work, circumstances, people, environments, etc. You will get bored of doing the same thing very quickly. Adventures, risky challenges, eccentric people will have your attention all the time. Use the ‘need to be free’ attitude to find something that fulfills your desires & keeps you stable at the same time. The trick is striking a balance between stability & moving forward. Avoid taking decisions on the spur of the moment & let it be a well thought one.


You are a natural fixer! Whether it is financial problems or personal problems, you are born to care for all. You extend your courtesies without boundaries or any second thoughts. This sometimes leads to wrong people taking undue advantage of your good deeds. The purpose in life is to balance the emotional & practical side of your personality. You need to learn to judge people’s character. An abundant giver often gives everything away only to feel robbed at the end. Don’t be one of those. Your lesson is to learn to GIVE & not hesitate to RECEIVE.


You are a born investigator, a natural researcher & curious about all things in life. You have different philosophies of your own. You possess an eye for solving problems & a passion for exploring mysterious ways of life. This leads to the creation of a different world of your own which may affect your real relationships in the real world. Working alone may be your style but in this lifetime you have to learn how to strike a balance between your inner & outer world without disturbing your mental peace. Invest time into companionships & deeper relationships.


Your life’s purpose is to find stable ground on a constantly moving surface. Imagine yourself balancing on a moving tyre. This can only be achieved with the help of a true mentor. Learning deeper aspects of life will teach you courage, compassion & humility. Once this realization takes place, the struggles of your life will be over. True service to mankind in any format ( as a coach, counselor, doctor, professional, etc) will lead you to success. Try to become a team player instead of a loner.


Nines are the most conscious & evolved path numbers of all. You are dedicated to uplifting mankind in one way or the other. This realization comes very quickly to you in life. The lesson that you have to learn is to stop yourself from burnout. Helping others but not helping yourself may create trouble for you. There is a chance that you may feel like cutting off from your loved ones as they do not understand where you are coming from. You need to impart some maturity & wisdom to them to see where you stand.


You are born with special intuition powers. The purpose of your life is to erase the confusions created by the clashes of your ego & identify real intuitions. You must find a way to strike balance in your extreme nature. It is easy for you to read anyone’s mind but you sometimes struggle with deciding the next course of action leading to poor communication. People may find it hard to completely understand the true nature of your good intentions. The clarity in thoughts & communicating them appropriately is the key to your happy life.


You are born to bring transformation to the world. But beware great tasks often need great sacrifices. Your visions are big & therefore struggles are hard & often to be fought alone. But you have your intuitions & critical abilities as a backup. Your purpose in life is to create change, transform lives, not only yours but everyone else’s too. You may have to lose a hundred battles to win one war. It will be a success in the end. Persistence & dedication are the keys to the future.

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