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Delhi is grappling with corona while Kejriwal is busy with polls-Adesh Gupta

New Delhi, 14 January. The state BJP president Shri Adesh Gupta has said the way corona cases are on the rise is a worrisome matter. But the Kejriwal government is sitting unfazed thinking this corona virus is not serious and thus is running away from any responsibility. He said this corona variant may not be life threatening but even state government agrees this month corona would be at its peak. Hence Kejriwal should explain what concrete steps he has taken to deal with it except making big talks as it is important that all measures to tackle the current situation be reviewed.

He said since last 24 hours the corona cases figure has gone up and was about 29000 but the CM Arvind Kejriwal who was himself corona positive, is busy in campaigning in Punjab.  Thats, after spreading corona here he is now busy spreading it in Punjab because his associates accompanying him there dont have masks over their faces. He said the new variant is mostly affecting the children. But shockingly in the mohalla clinics being run by state government children are being given poison during their treatment there. They have become clinics of death for children, he charged.

The state BJP president Shri Adesh Gupta said today there are restrictions on almost everything in Delhi. Markets, schools and colleges and even private offices are closed. So much so that even shops dealing in items of daily requirements are opening on odd even basis on which took the state government hasn’t clarified confusion. Because despite this crowds in markets dont seem to be thinning. He asked AAP government the way corona is again spreading in Delhi what is its compulsion that liquor shops are not being closed. These shops are attracting maximum crowds, he remarked

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