June 25, 2019

Sunny day follows foggy morning in Delhi

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NEW DELHI: The sun shone bright over the national capital throughout the day, even as shallow foggy conditions were witnessed in the morning which led to the cancellation of 17 trains.

Visibility was recorded at 1,500 metres at 5.30 AM in Safdarjung which dropped to 800 metres at 8.30 AM. It significantly improved to 2,000 metres at 11.30 AM, a Met Department official said.

At Palam, the visibility was recorded at 600 metres at 5.30 AM and 500 metres at 8.30 AM. It improved to 1,500 metres at 11 AM, the official said.

“17 trains were cancelled, while 90 trains are running late and 40 have been rescheduled,” a senior railway official said.

However, flight operations were reported normal at the IGI Airport, its spokesperson said.

The city recorded a minimum of 10.5 degrees Celsius, two notches above the normal, while the maximum temperature settled 26.6 degrees Celsius, three notches above the season’s average.

The humidity level oscillated between 98 and 34 per cent, a Met official said.

The weatherman has predicted mainly clear skies for tomorrow with mist and shallow fog in some areas.

The maximum and minimum temperatures are expected to settle at 25 and 10 degrees, respectively, it said.

Yesterday, the minimum temperature was recorded at 11 degrees Celsius, while maximum was pegged at 27.1 degrees Celsius.

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Child born out of rape entitled to compensation: Delhi high court

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NEW DELHI: A child born out of rape is entitled to compensation, independent of any such relief granted to the mother, the Delhi high court has ruled.

The verdict to this effect, in which a man has been sent to jail for his entire ‘natural life’ for raping his minor step-daughter, was delivered after the court, noted that there was no such provision under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act or under the Delhi government’s victim compensation scheme.

Ironically, the high court, which had earlier laid down a law in this regard, reduced the amount of compensation to the rape victim from Rs 15 lakh awarded by the trial court to Rs 7.5 lakh, saying the higher amount went against the 2011 compensation scheme formulated by the Delhi government.

It also faulted the trial court by giving a go-by to the guidelines for maintaining confidentiality of the rape victim.

However, a bench of Justices Gita Mittal and R K Gauba said a child born out of rape, either of a minor or a woman who is an adult, ‘is clearly a victim of the act of the offender and entitled to compensation independent of the amount of compensation paid to his/her mother’.

This ‘vacuum’ in the law came to the court’s attention when it was hearing the appeal of a man convicted and awarded life term for raping his minor step-daughter who, as a result of the crime, gave birth at the tender age of 14 years.

Noting the ‘sordid scenario’ in the instant case, where ‘the trust and confidence reposed in the man by his wife and step-daughter, was abused by him to bring about, out of sheer lust, untold miseries on the body, mind and psyche of the prosecutrix child leaving scars which would not ever heal’, the court upheld his conviction and sentence.

It also clarified that the man shall remain behind bars for the remainder of his natural life, saying ‘we see no scope for any ruth (pity) in the matter of punishment’.

While upholding the sentence, the bench also expressed displeasure over the manner in which the trial court ‘gave a go-by’ to the precaution mandated under POCSO to keep the minor victim’s identity confidential.

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Letter to TCS Shareholders from Cyrus P. Mistry

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The letter was received in a mail. Here are the excerpts.


Shareholders of TCS,

December 13, 2016

Re: Representation under Section 169 of the Companies Act, 2013


Dear Sirs,

I refer to the captioned subject. Since the requisitionist’s stake in the equity share capital of the Company is over 73%, the outcome in this particular meeting is a foregone conclusion. Yet, it is necessary for me to address this letter to you.

Over the past several weeks, many have tried to mischaracterize my refusal to go without resistance, as a measure of:

(a) retribution for how I was treated at Tata Sons;

(b) a fight for control over operating companies; or

(c) a hankering for office – a desire to reclaim a position.

None of the above is true. The fight is a matter of principle rather than facing the foregone outcome.

The very future of TCS hinges on good governance and ethical practices. That can flow only from the promoter and needs to permeate into the Board and Management. In the past several weeks, we have seen good governance being thrown to the wind in every sense of the term, replaced by whims, fancies and personal agenda. We have witnessed an unmatched erosion of ethical values and the very foundation of the institution being put to grave risk by the conduct of a few.

What I am fighting for is to save the soul of the Tata Group. Whatever be the decibel level of the voice that would drown your vote, I call on you to vote with your conscience and send a signal that catalyses a larger discussion on governance reform, to save the very fabric of what we have all inherited — the Tata Values that our Founders handed us.

Yours sincerely,

Cyrus P Mistry

Steling Bay, 103, Walkeshwar Road, Mumbai – 400 005

81 trains delayed, 6 cancelled due to fog

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NEW DELHI: Thousands of passengers were stranded on Tuesday, as 81 trains were delayed and six cancelled due to dense fog in parts of north India.

According to a Northern Railway official, the Islampur-New Delhi Magadh Express was running 48 hours behind its schedule, while the Bhubaneshwar-New Delhi Rajdhani Express was 22 hours late and the Bhubaneshwar-New Delhi weekly express was delayed by 38 hours.

The official said that 10 trains were rescheduled as the visibility dropped to 400 metres on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, according to the Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), which manages operations at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport here, no flight was cancelled on Tuesday, though a few international flights arriving in Delhi were delayed.

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